All of the committee are happy to take calls from members and prospective members.

We thought it might help to explain who does what!


Our President for the 2019/20 year is Mike Torr.  

He chairs our meetings and keeps us on the straight and narrow.  Mike brings his very good business sense to the role and is also a keen competitor.  So he knows where everyone is coming from.

Vice President

Mike's right hand man is Shane Tofts, previously one of our Club Captains.

Shane works for NZ Car Parts, so is always a good person to go to for help with parts for your car!   

Club Captain  

James is the person to point prospective members towards, as his role are to grow the club and encourage members.

Check with him about all things to do with events and send any prospective members his way for the information they need.


The paperwork guru, Kristi is your girl.

Committee Members

Shane Tofts is your motorkhana/autocross organiser and anything to do with these events should be run past him.  

If you know of any venues that could be used, get in touch pronto!  

David is the Chairman of the TMMI working group.  He's also an A Scrutineer and a Technical Advisor for rollcages, so if you have any technical queries give him a call.

Linda is the Treasurer and also our Licence Examiner.  So anything to do with licencing she's your contact.

The other members of the committee support all the above and can help you with queries of any sort.

And if they don't know the answer, they can point you in the direction of someone who does!