Motorsport Volunteers

Motorsport is an exciting sport and anyone can participate! If you want to be more involved than just spectating, clubs are eager to have people involved in the organising and running of events.  Volunteer organisers are essential to any event, and there can be as much sense of achievement at being part of a successful event organisation team as there can be from being in the actual winner’s team.
The following are just some examples of how you and your family can get involved:


Most clubs and events are run with a business-like approach, so if you have secretarial, organising, marketing, numeracy or literary skills then this may be your niche.


If you’re looking for close to the action excitement, then become part of a team of marshals.  As a flag marshal you will be responsible for relaying important messages to the race car drivers.  The pit marshals have the responsibility of controlling the movement and location of vehicles within the pit area.


Clubsport and Rally marshals have the task of controlling the starts and finish and all intersections of a road for an event.  They keep a record of the order in which cars pass their point.


Becoming a timekeeper makes you responsible for timing each competitor correctly over the course and recording their time.  At race circuits lap scorers check off completed race laps for each competitor, and handicappers assess the starting order and grid positions based on times from previous races.  At Clubsport level start and finish timing marshalls record the times the cars started/finished and relay that to the event control.


This is an exciting and specialised activity for reasonably fit men and women. You will assist with recovering cars from off-track spins and rescuing the driver when necessary.  Rescue Marshals work and train as a team, and will assist ambulance officers when called to do so.


If you are interested in all things technical and mechanical, then maybe you would like to become a MotorSport NZ Scrutineer.  Scrutineers are required to check competing vehicles, and the safety equipment of the driver prior to an event to ensure mechanical integrity, safety and compliance with the event regulations.  Technical Officers are appointed by the sport to ensure eligibility compliance of vehicles at championship events, and to provide their expertise in inspecting vehicles when requested by the Technical Department.  Both these positions will require you to attend training courses and gain the appropriate knowledge and experience in the regulations of the sport.
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