New Membership

The Membership year for MBOP is from 1 October through to 30 September each year.  There are three classes of membership:

Single Member - $95  (for those 18 and over)

Family Member - $135 (covers two adults and up to two children U18 in the same family)

Junior Member - $45 (for under 18yo who want a single membership)

The New Membership Application Form is a fillable form.  First save it to your desktop, then fill it in and save it, and then simply attach your saved form to an email to  New membership applications are prorated in the second half of the membership year, so that new members don't end up paying twice in the same year.


The Rules of MotorSport Bay of Plenty Inc can be found here - RULES

renewal of membership

The membership year runs from 1 October to 30 September.  So during September of each year, you should renew your membership to ensure you can still enter events and renew your motorsport license.

Please use this link to access the Renewal of Membership Form - HTTPS://FORMS.GLE/VWCKTJQLKS7IJYSYA

We no longer send invoices or membership cards.  The MotorSport Online App (which you can download to your phone - from your App Store), has your membership details in it, so a membership card is no longer required.

PLEASE NOTE - it is your responsibility to make sure your membership is current.  Changing the date in the MotorsportOnline system does NOT renew your Club Membership.  You must pay your subscription and submit the Renewal of Membership form BEFORE updating the MotorSportOnline system.  The Membership Secretary gets a notification to approve the date change after you have updated it, and if you haven't renewed by paying your subscription and submitting the Renewal form, then it will be set back to the last year you were financial.  

So, to enjoy the maximum benefit of being a member, make sure you renew your membership in September each year.

Many Thanks to our sponsors