A motor race is an event where many cars compete at the same time, with the aim of being the first car to complete the required number of laps.  Races can be over a variety of distances, ranging from just a couple of laps, up to as many laps as can be completed in a 24 hour period.  Although motor racing can never be truly cheap, racing needs not to be expensive.  It is still possible to race competitively in a car which you have driven to the circuit.  Races may be held for specific groups of cars, based on engine capacity, make/model of car, type of car etc.  Examples below;


A race which is a round of a MotorSport New Zealand Championship i.e. Formula Ford, Formula First, Production Racing, Toyota Racing, Bridgestone Porsche, Porsche GT3, NZV8’s and NZV8 Development Series.


A group of many events making up a Series.


These are for Historic and Classic vehicles, and events are organised by a number of member clubs catering specifically for such vehicles.


A race which can be either over 30 minutes or 60 kilometres in duration.


This is aimed at providing a low budget competition with no requirements to participate in further events.  This event is a desirable entry-level event for new competitors to gain experience prior to participating in other races.


  • Must hold a C Grade Competition Licence and be a Member of a Member Club or Associate Member Club 
  • Driver must be at least 12 years old, wear safety clothing as per Schedule A of the current Motorsport Manual.
  • Vehicle must be fitted with a fire extinguisher 
  • Most racing will also require roll protection and safety harness (refer to current MotorSport Manual for more information) 
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