Club Sport Basic Events

ClubSport events are competitions held usually on a road, circuit or paddock, where the placings are decided by the time taken to complete the course. 

Basic Events are those where competitors (including those new to motorsport) can complete without the need for specialised vehicles and expensive equipment. 

A competition licence is not required for any ClubSport Basic Events (with the exception of Regularity Trials), but after your first two Autocross or Single Car Standing Sprints you must be a member of either a Member Club or Associate Member Club. 


Motorkhana is a cheap and enjoyable form of motorsport where you can use any vehicle, and it is primarily a test of driver skill.  Events are normally held on smooth grass, tar seal or concrete, or gravel, with the driver having to negotiate a set course at low speed.  Penalties apply for going the wrong way, hitting markers etc.  We also run events at Te Matai Motorsport at the TECT Park on the gravel arena there.  This can also be used for driver training and is an excellent venue to teach young drivers car control. 


Autocross is the ideal environment in which to learn or improve car control skills.  A circuit is usually laid out (using hay bales or plastic cones) on a large grass, tarseal or gravel area, and competitors compete individually at speed against the clock.  MBOP is very lucky to have it's own autocross track at Te Matai Motorsport in the TECT Park.  We run a series of events over the summer on the track and there is excellent spectating opportunities there.


Sprints are a relatively inexpensive form of motorsport and yet very competitive.  Sprints are a test of the vehicles performance and the driver’s ability to control the vehicle.  Competitors must be a member of a Member Club or Associate Member Club.  Standing Sprint (Single Car) – held on either country roads or on a permanent drag strip.  Circuit Sprint (Single or Dual Car) – this is good event if you would like an introduction to what racing can be like.


An event run at a venue either sealed or unsealed for the purpose of coaching competitors in competition techniques. Techniques will include; tutorial session covering aspects of car control, braking, racing lines and competitor regulation, familiarisation drive at slow speed to cover tutorial session topics and competition runs.  These are very popular and provide the opportunity for a new driver to have an experienced competitor sit in the passenger’s seat to provide tuition.


Trialing is the cheapest form of motorsport and is enjoyable to the driver and also to the passenger(s).
Competitors use a motor vehicle to negotiate a precise off road man-made obstacle course on hilly, undulating terrain defined by marker pegs.  This is to test the driver’s skill at low speed.  The objective of the course is to get as far through each section as possible without stopping through loss of traction, stalling etc.  You must be a member of a Member Club or Associate Member Club.
These are a non-speed competition where the route to follow is set on public highways, roads and streets. Competitors are given a set of instructions to use to find their way from the start to the finish.  These events range from social to high level concentration events.  Your vehicle must be equipped with a speedometer and odometer, the driver must hold a valid civil drivers licence, and you must have at least one other person in the car with a clipboard, pen and stop watch.
This is an event which caters more for Historic and Classic vehicles where competitors drive on a race circuit at a speed that is within the parameters of their usually expensive and/or rare vehicles.  You must hold a M Grade competition license and be a member of a Member Club or Associate Member Club.  Your vehicle must also comply with MotorSport NZ Schedule AA (as a minimum).
  • A safe car to at least Warrant of Fitness standards (especially brakes, steering and seat).
  • The driver must be at least 12 years old.
  • A fire extinguisher is recommended.
  • Wear an approved crash helmet (not required for Motorkhana Events).
  • Wear fire retardant overalls (not required for Motorkhana Events).
  • A MotorSport NZ Logbook is required for all un-registered vehicles and/or vehicles fitted with roll protection which must be homologated.  Please contact the MotorSport New Zealand office for more information regarding this.
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