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TECT All Terrain Park
02:00 PM - 11:59 PM

Round 1 of Day/Night sprint series at TECT Park......

Hamilton Car Club Event that we are sharing for points......


our club

Want to get started in motorsport? Motorsport BOP are passionate about what we do and we're dedicated to developing novice drivers and sharing the joy of motorsports. Find out more about what we do and the benefits of joining our club.



New and exciting development! The Bay of Plenty's own purpose built Autocross track at the TECT All Terrain Park ...and this is only the start.

Inaugural event was a huge success! Articles and more here.




tauranga clubman's
novice rally

The Tauranga rally is the highlight of the club's year, usually run annually. The emphasis is on novice competitors, giving crews the chance to experience a basic level event to learn and hone their skills.

In 2017 the Clubman's Rally is running behind the 2nd day of Rally NZ.  So get your entries in now.


event calendar

Well, once again our calendar has fallen foul of other clubs setting events on dates we had chosen.  Bearing in mind we only change where there is an event that we consider will detrimentally affect our own event, something such as Rally Whangarei - which will not only take our competitors but many of our helpers as well.  And unfortunately where events such as Whangarei are waiting on international date approval, it often flows through and affects our national dates as well.  Then there's the Northern Rallysprint Series and so on and so on.

However, we think we now have a handle on everything and unfortunately there's been a vew changes due to the above.  This is it though - a finalised calendar that you can rely on (we hope!).  Check it out HERE and get those dates in your diary.


And our next event is nearly upon us.  The second round of our motorkhana/autocross series and this time an afternoon twilight event on Saturday 17 February.  Check out the event page for details.  And don't forget to read the safety clothing infomation below.


MSNZ has published two amendments to Schedule A in regard to safety clothing.  This first one was published on 10 May 17 and comes into effect on 1 April 2018.  The second was published on 26 Jan 18 and is effective immediately.   You can find the Amd 35100 HERE and Amd 35105 HERE.

Amd 35105 is an updated schedule of the Types of Safety Clothing and the various standards that they are to meet. 

Currently there is no change to the level of safety clothing required for various events - EXCEPT that this amendment clarifies that all "cotton" garments MUST be manufacturer labelled that they are 100% cotton. 

This clarification will impact on the type of overalls you wear to clubsport events - especially our autocross events.  No longer will we be able to allow the typical type overalls that some people are wearing that they bring from workshops etc.  These types of overalls are usually a poly-cotton blend or straight polyester, and will not meet the new standard required.

So that means you will need to source some 100% cotton overalls and make sure they are labelled as such. 

Now you might groan and complain at this change - but remember, a fire burns at the same temperature no matter what type of event you are in! 

So buck up and get yourself some pure cotton overalls - or, stretch a little bit further and think ahead to the amendment that will come into force on 1 April (35100).  Get yourself some proper single layer race overalls, add some race underwear and socks (and proper shoes) and you'll be all set for the new requirements on 1 April.  You can see an explanation of the changes HERE.  We've put this together in an effort to help you understand what's required.  It also gives you some links to the suppliers, who have put together some pretty good packages to help you through these updated requirements.

As always, if you have questions, don't hesitate to contact us and we'll try and help you out.


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