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Old Kaimai Rd
08:00 AM - 05:00 PM

Gravel Hillclimb.....
TECT All Terrain Park
01:00 PM - 07:00 PM

Motorkhana at the Hub Site and Autocross at the MBOP Autocross Track at TECT All Terrain Park......


our club

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New and exciting development! The Bay of Plenty's own purpose built Autocross track at the TECT All Terrain Park ...and this is only the start.

Inaugural event was a huge success! Articles and more here.




rally Bay of plenty

Rally Bay of Plenty is a go.  A new route and distance this year and now a national rally rather than a Clubmans.  This means we can take more entries.  But we'll still look after those novice competitors that want to do a skid.  Check out the rally page.

Round 2 Gravel of the Hillclimb Challenge on our old favourite Harray Road was on 22 November.  And a great field of 33 cars tackled the road.  Made it  a bit tricky for control, with three groups of 11 but with they generocity of the Whyte family, who make their yards available for both pitting and spectators, and also the assistance of a resident on No 3 road with the yard for turning around, it helped the day go smoothly enough. 

Some great competition ensued, with the two top protagonists - Phil Campbell and Ben Thomasen - battling it out mightly, with Phil edging Ben in the final run by just 2 hundreths of a second.  How close can you get???  And all down the field there were battles as well with victory being had by the merest of margins.  Great competition.

Commiserations to Ian Parker though, who burst an oil line on the turbo of his Starlet and that caused a fire.  A moment of great consternation for Ian and the officials who rushed to his aid.  But everyone swung into action and with the help of some competitors ferrying some more fire extuingishers to the scene, the car was saved with the damage limited to the engine bay.  It's a wake up call, both for checking and maintaining your cars and extinguishers, but also to think about the 0.9kg fire extinuisher that most of you have bolted into your clubsport cars.  It doesn't really go very far.  It took that, and three big ones (4kg) to put the fire out.  And of course the very helpful club competitors that rushed up to the scene with the extra fire extinguishers.   

Alls well that ends well though, and generally a most successful event with pretty much everyone having a great time.  Many thanks to the Grant Family for their help with Finn the Golden Retriever puppy.  At this point in time the only thing he retrieves is humans (ha ha).  He had a great day.

Results are posted HERE.  See you at the next event.























Updated to 18 Nov 2020


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