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Te Puke Quarry Rd
08:00 AM - 05:00 PM

Te Puke Quarry Rd Hillclimb - Gravel.....
Matahi Road
08:00 AM - 05:00 PM

Matahi Rd Tarmac Hillclimb.....


our club

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New and exciting development! The Bay of Plenty's own purpose built Autocross track at the TECT All Terrain Park ...and this is only the start.

Inaugural event was a huge success! Articles and more here.




rally Bay of plenty

* Sunday 17 October 2021* 


Rally Bay of Plenty

is Back!

Lock it into your Calendar!

Results for Leslie Road Hillclimb are on the results page - Event Results

Club points will be updated shortly.  Check them out HERE

REMEMBER: POINTS VALIDATION - In order to qualify for prizes at the end of the year, you must have helped or provided help at an event and had your points validated.


NEXT EVENT - Te Puke Quarry Road Gravel Hillclimb

So, the next event is Te Puke Quarry Rd Gravel Hillclimb.  How about we get a good field for this one?  It's up to you competitors.  Do you want events or not?

Register your interest and let us know you're coming.  Otherwise who knows ..... the helpers might not come either!


Entries are to be made on MotorSportOnline

 Please login to MotorSport NZ | Online

We would appreciate it if all competitors could use this system to enter our events.

For instructions on how to do it, click MotorSportOnline_Entries_2021.pdf


Leslie Road Tarmac Hillclimb

Well, how lucky were we??? Rain all around except at Leslie Rd, and sometimes even a peek of sunshine.  But only 11 competitors to take advantage of the day.  And guess what - 11 helpers to make the day happen!  A very BIG thank you to all those who came out on the day - helpers and competitors.  

BUT ... where were all the other competitors???  Please tell us why you didn't come out to play.  Is it the venue, length, date clash, value for money, weather???  or something else.  It is hard enough to get volunteers to put these events on at the best of times.  Having so few competitors is very de motivating for those giving up their time.  Not to mention the cost.  This event, like others this year has run a substantial loss, not something the club can sustain.  Please tell us what we are doing wrong so we can make changes.  We are happy to make the effort to organise events - the least you can do is make the effort to turn up.  Please drop us a line so we can do better.





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