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Te Puke Quarry Rd
08:00 AM - 05:00 PM

Te Puke Quarry Rd Tarmac Hillclimb - Round 1 of the MBOP Hillclimb Challenge.....
Harray Rd, Te Puke
08:00 AM - 05:00 PM

This year Rnd 2 of MBOP Hillclimb Challenge.....


our club

Want to get started in motorsport? Motorsport BOP are passionate about what we do and we're dedicated to developing novice drivers and sharing the joy of motorsports. Find out more about what we do and the benefits of joining our club.



New and exciting development! The Bay of Plenty's own purpose built Autocross track at the TECT All Terrain Park ...and this is only the start.

Inaugural event was a huge success! Articles and more here.




rally Bay of plenty

Rally Bay of Plenty is a go.  A new route and distance this year and now a national rally rather than a Clubmans.  This means we can take more entries.  But we'll still look after those novice competitors that want to do a skid.  Check out the rally page.






Check out the latest article - 


Spectator information for use in conjunction with official rally map and safety information.  Find the rally map HERE.

Saturday October 17:

The motorsport activity starts with a free Rally Show on Whakatane’s waterfront on Saturday afternoon. The full field will be in attendance from 3.30pm at the Kakahoroa Drive carpark and at 4.30pm Whakatane mayor Judy Turner will flag the crews away from a Ceremonial Start.

Sunday October 18:

The rally itinerary includes nine high-speed special stages on closed public roads. Cars start the special stages at one-minute intervals. The best viewing locations are as follows.

Special Stage 1: No Spectator Access

Special Stage 2 (First car starts 7.55am): Three locations.

  1. The intersection of McIvor Rd and Matahi Rd. Cars approach on gravel from McIvor Rd and turn left onto tarmac. Access along Manawahe Rd from Awakaponga.
  2. The intersection of Manawahe Rd and Rendall Rd. Cars turn left from Rendall Rd to join Manawahe Rd. Access along Manawahe Rd from Awakaponga.
  3. The intersection of Matahi Rd and Rendall Rd. Cars approach on a fast tarmac section and turn right onto gravel at Rendall Rd. Access from State Highway 30 along Matahi Rd.

Special Stage 3 (First car starts 8.35am): The intersection of Pongakawa Valley Rd and Rotoehu Rd. Access is from State Highway 33 along Maniatutu Rd and Rotoehu Rd.

Service Park 1 (Pukehina School, 1762 Old Coach Rd). Each car has 20 minutes service time. First car due 9.00am approx.

Special Stage 4 (First car starts 9.37am): Two locations near the start of the stage.

  1. The first is where cars approach on MacDougall Quarry Rd and turn left onto Otamarakau Valley Rd. Access is via Hereford Park Rd.
  2. The second location is where cars approach on Otamarakau Valley Rd and turn right into Campbell Rd. Access from State Highway 2 along Otamarakau Valley Rd.

Special Stage 5 (No spectator access)

Service Park 2 (Matata Rugby Club, 12 Division St) Each car has 30 minutes service time. First car due 11.05am approx.

Special Stage 6. (First car starts 11.42am) Locations as per Special Stage 2.

Special Stage 7. (First car starts 12.22pm) Locations as per Special Stage 3.

Special Stage 8. (First car starts 1.00pm) Locations as per Special Stage 4.

Service Park 3 (Matata Rugby Club, 12 Division St). Each car has 15 minutes service time. First car due 1.30pm approx.

Special Stage 9 (no spectator access)

Rally Finish. Kakahoroa Drive car park, Whakatane at 3.21pm.



Updated to 1 Sep 2020


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