A rally event is made up of several high speed “Special Stages”.  These stages can be held on public or private, sealed or unsealed roads (which are closed to the public) and each driver and co-driver competes, attempting to drive the distance in the shortest possible time.  The role of the “Co-driver” is to read route instructions to the driver from a road book which details intersections and some hidden hazards on the course.  The “Special Stages” in a rally are linked by “Touring Stages” which are the means of getting from one stage to the next, and are driven at normal road speeds and rules.  


A rally which is a round of a MotorSport New Zealand Championship.


A group of many events making up a Series.


A single event aimed at providing a low budget competition with no requirement to participate in further events.  This event is a desirable entry-level event for new competitors to gain experience prior to participating in other classification rallies.


A Rally Publicity Day is a promotional event which is part of a forthcoming rally, this has no declared results and can be used for Sponsor and Promoter rides.


  • Driver and Co-driver must hold an R Grade Competition Licence and be a Member of a Member Club or Associate Member Club 
  • Driver and Co-driver must wear safety apparel as detailed in Schedule A of the current Motorsport Manual. 
  • Vehicle must be fitted with roll protection, fire extinguisher, first aid kit, full harness seat belts, protected fuel lines and tow rope etc (refer to current MotorSport Manual for more information) 
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