autocross track

MBOP, in conjunction with the Rotorua Car Club, now has a
purpose built Autocross track situated at the TECT ALL TERRAIN PARK. The track,
which includes a pit area and a start area, is approximately 1 km in length.
It’s undulating with many corners differing in complexity. At 16 metres wide it
allows some exciting future developments. In fact right from the outset the
plan was to build an Autocross track that would, with development, become a
Rally Cross track compliant with International Regulations. The track features
great spectating areas with views over most of the track. Keep an eye on our
website and/or facebook for notification of events.


Articles from the inaugural event:




If you want to know more about Autocross or Rally Cross
contact our Sectretary.


Autocross_aerial.jpgAutocross track at TECT All Terrain Park.



International Rallycross
















Top corner of TECT Park Autocross track